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Video of Lenovo S10 touch screen mod

March 10, 2009

Well, I promised video of the touch screen mod, so here is a quick, 1 minute video showing off the touch screen.  As I said in an earlier post, I mostly wanted this touch screen mod so that I could have GPS navigation in my car, so I have Garmin’s Mobile PC software installed on here.  Garmin’s software really takes full advantage of the touch screen, turning my S10 into a large, 10-inch full-featured GPS nav system!  Along with a $25 USB GPS module that I got off eBay, I’m set!

Sorry for the quality of the video.  I plan to throw up some pictures of the interior of the laptop to show how I routed all the cables and where everything is mounted, but that will have to be later.  Maybe when I get the Bluetooth module in and install it, I’ll take pictures for the touch screen mod.


Lenovo S10 touch screen mod complete!

March 6, 2009

I got the Fidohub touch screen panel for my S10 yesterday and I completed the mod early this morning around 2am.  Despite what the box says, it’s not that easy of an upgrade!  The S10 is pretty tight inside that small chassis, which makes it much more difficult to find places to route cables.

But it works.  I was touch-screening my way all over my OS X installation after installing it and getting the driver installed.  The configuration utility doesn’t seem to work correctly.  Not sure if that’s a problem with the application itself or if it’s due to the fact that my installation of OS X is on unsupported hardware in the first place.

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