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Lenovo S10 teardowns

February 21, 2009

I just ordered a touchscreen kit for my S10.  Well, technically, the touchscreen kit isn’t designed for the S10, but I’m going to try to cram it in there.  I ordered the Samsung NC10 touchscreen kit from  In preparation for the eventual installation attempt, I wanted to find some information on the web about how to take the S10 apart completely.  I found two really great items.  Both of these links were found through the forums at

First link is to the actual Lenovo service manual for the S9e and the S10e.  It’s a PDF file.

IdeaPad S9e and S10e Hardware Maintenance Manual

The second link is to a site that has actual instructional videos on how to take the whole freaking thing apart.

After looking at these two sites, I’m not sure I’ll be able to cram this kit into the body of the S10, but it’ll be fun to try!  When I get the kit, I’ll post my progress.


My new D90!

February 6, 2009

For the longest time, I’ve used a crappy Samsung NV10 as my digital camera.  It’s a simple little point and shoot camera that annoys me at every turn.  The only thing good about it is it’s soft, touch-button interface on the back.  It is an extremely easy system to learn how to use and makes certain settings changes easier than similar cameras.  

Unfortunately, the camera sucks in every other regard, including taking pictures!  Now, I know that any photographer worth his or her salt will tell you that any camera can take great pictures.  It’s the person behind the camera that needs to know how to use it!  Well, this is true.  I don’t know everything about cameras.  But I do know when a camera sucks.  And this one sucks.  A point-and-shoot camera should really be good at one thing: snapshots.  People buy point-and-shoot cameras for that reason.  They want a camera that they can just turn on and take quick snapshots and get decent results.  Well, the Samsung fails at this.  In anything other than a high-noon, bright-as-hell setting, the camera falls apart.  The flash wants to pop up for every single shot.  The “hand shake reduction” feature is horrible, usually resulting in photos that are even MORE shaky looking.  It’s just a poorly implemented camera.  In order to get even a mildly decent photo, you have to mess with 10 different settings to set the camera up.  Now, on a pro-level SLR camera, that’s fine.  Those types of cameras are meant to have every setting changed.  But a point-and-shoot requiring that level of commitment just to get a workable shot?  No no no.  Taking the Samsung to Vegas and seeing the resulting pictures sealed the fate of that particular camera in my mind’s eye.  

But what to replace it with?  I wanted something that could take good pictures on the auto setting.  I wanted something that would offer me great creative control when I wanted it, but also be smart enough to take great pictures when I just want a quickie snapshot.  It would have to have certain features like auto-exposure bracketing, white balance bracketing, nice menu system, etc.  It would have to take good pictures, even in low light situations.  

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