Mac OSX Finder won’t transfer files via FTP

December 12, 2008

Okay, I’m having a strange problem with Mac OSX not transferring files.  I just set up my old computer with Windows Vista Ultimate (I say “old computer” but it’s not that old.  It’s definitely powerful enough for anything Vista can throw at it.).  I set up IIS with FTP on the Vista machine.  I created a regular user account named “ftpuser” and gave that user FULL CONTROL over the directory that I want to use for FTP transfers.  That means that I gave ftpuser full control not only on the FTP server, but also in the NTFS permissions on the directory.  I pushed the permissions down through all subdirectories and files, so I know this user now has full control over everything.

When I use Mac OSX, I go up to the menu bar and open the Go menu and click on Connect To Server.  I put the info in for my server and the directory that I am connecting to.  Mac OSX prompts me for the username and password to connect.  I put in the ftpuser username and password and Mac OSX mounts the remote drive just fine.  I can see all the files and everything.  But when I try to drag and drop files from the Mac to the remote FTP drive, I get an error message saying “The file such-and-such can’t be moved because the remote directory “whatever” can’t be modified.” or something to that effect.  Now this is frustrating because the user should have full control over everything!  Full control means I should be able to write files without any problems!

The strange part is this:  I can connect through the terminal using the same logon credentials and I can put files from the local Mac to the remote drive without any problems.  When I use 3rd party software like Panic’s Transmit 3, I can drag and drop the files without any problems.  So I know the problem lies with Mac OSX’s Finder and not with the FTP setup on the Windows box.  Does anyone else have this problem with Mac’s Finder moving files to a remote FTP drive?  It’s really frustrating.  It’s like Apple deliberately tries to make networking with Windows machines difficult and then blames Microsoft for being so proprietary!  Or maybe I’m just reading too much in to it…whatever.  I don’t really care for the reasoning behind it.  I just want to drag and drop my files between the drives without problems!



  1. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21175

    • Ooookay…so you can’t write files to an FTP server, even if you have full permissions to do so? Does that make any damn sense?!? I would love to know if this is a bug or if there is some reason behind this ridiculous “feature”. That’s one thing I love about Microsoft’s knowledgebase articles. MS tells you if something is a bug or if it’s by design. The Apple support page for this problem only says that you can’t do it without third party software. Luckily I have another FTP product but why even allow people to mount FTP drives in the Finder if you’re just going to require users to use a third-party app to write to the mounted drive? That’s just stupidity on Apple’s part. No wonder so many people hate the Finder. What a piece of crap software it is…

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