Half double decaffeinated half caf…with a twist of lemon

September 17, 2008

After being sick for what seems like the entire history of the United States, I am wondering why the hell the only taste choices in medicine are some kind of green mint junk and something that is supposed to be cherry?  There are thousands of candy flavors out there!  Why are we limited to two of the most vile flavors in the flavor palette?  I want some watermelon cough syrup!  I want root beer float flavored NyQuil!  Jelly Bellys come in 73 billion different flavors!  Why can’t I have some of those with medicine in them?

Plus, why are we limited in our choices of how to take the medicine?  Why are they either syrups or pills?  Why can’t I have a little Crystal Lite-style package that allows me to pour the medicine into a diet Pepsi or something?  Come on!  This is the freaking Buck Rogers future, for Pete’s sake!  I want my damn medicine in different flavors and in different formats, dammit!

This is completely unrelated to this post, but I thought this picture was funny:


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