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Failure To Launch (A review of the current state of Linux)

August 7, 2008
Failure To Launch poster

Linux. Windows. Linux vs. Windows. It’s a debate that has raged across Internet forums for what seems like an eternity.  Which one is better?  Does Linux deserve to be on the desktop?

For those who don’t know, Linux is an operating system, just like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.  Linux started way back in 1991 as a project by a man named Linus Torvalds.  Essentially, it started life as an open-source clone of UNIX (technically, it was based on another operating system, called MINIX, which was itself a clone of UNIX).  Even today, the basic structure of Linux is very UNIX-like.

However, Linux is a long way away from UNIX now.  It may look similar, but there is more happening under the hood.

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