New blog

July 16, 2008

I’ve started up a second blog here at wordpress.com.  It’s called Second Runnings and it’s going to be devoted entirely to movie reviews of older flicks.    I watch alot of movies on DVD or video and I figured that I should start to keep track of my thoughts on how good or bad these movies are.  So far, there’s only one review up (I just started!  Back off!), but I’m hoping to flesh it out within the coming months.  I’d love for the site to really become a good destination for people looking for solid reviews of movies they can rent.

This blog will still be maintained but will be devoted to non-movie items.

Now, no site exists without contributions from the community, so I want to hear from you guys.  Anyone out there have any requests?  Something they want me to watch and review?  Head on over to the site and send me a note.

Also, I’d be interested in getting contributions from other people as well.  If you enjoy older movies (basically, anything that’s available at a local rental store is fair game), and you have some extra time and are a good writer, send your submission in and I’ll check it out.  If it’s good and I feel it fits in with the overall vision of the site, I’ll post it.  If I get enough quality submissions from certain people, I’d give you your own accounts to log on and post whenever you’ve got a good review just itching to find it’s way onto the web!

So head on over to http://secondrunnings.wordpress.com/ and lend a helping hand!  Thanks!


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