Why I hate AMD and wish that they would go bankrupt (but I really need them to stay afloat)

July 9, 2008

For several years now, I have had a major gripe with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD).  AMD is a direct competitor with Intel in the desktop and server CPU market (and a few other markets as well).  Now, back before Intel came out with their Core processors, AMD was universally considered to hold the performance crown in desktop processors.  Intel kept producing their NetBurst architecture chips with higher and higher GHz clock speeds, while AMD focused not so much on higher GHz but rather on making thier processors more efficient.  So Intel could pump more instructions through their chips, but AMD could make much more efficient use of clock cycles.  So even though AMD chips couldn’t compete on the GHz chart, they usually still ended up being faster than Intel’s products.

However, even though Intel lagged behind AMD in performance, I always bought Intel processors for my computers.  Why would I pay more money for a worse-performing chip?  Well, I’ll tell you why:  Hector Ruiz.  Hector Ruiz is the CEO of AMD and he is one whiny cry-baby with no vision and no managerial capabilities.  I continued to buy Intel products because I refused to give my money to Hector Ruiz.

Every single time I read about Hector Ruiz, he was bitching about Intel.  He would just constantly complain!  He never took the high road and just talked about his products.  Every time he got a microphone in front of his face, he’d bitch about Intel.  “WAAA!  WAAA!  Intel is abusing their position!  WAA!  Their not playing fair!  WAA!  WAA!”  You know what, Ruiz?  Get over it!  If you want to be successful in American business, you have got to play dirty.  I know that morally speaking, companies should play fair, but it doesn’t work that way.  No one gets to the top in American business without playing hard ball.  If you can’t handle it, resign your damn position and give it to someone who CAN handle the stress.

Here is a quote from Hector:  “We deserve to have a significantly larger share of the market than we already have. The only thing that’s keeping us from achieving those numbers are the illegal, monopolistic actions of our competitor.”  We deserve?!?  Who the hell does he think he is?  AMD doesn’t DESERVE anything!  No one DESERVES anything.  If you want something in this world, you have to go out and earn it, you sniveling little crap pile.  If Dell isn’t buying your chips, maybe there’s a reason.  Maybe Intel is giving them huge discounts.  Maybe Intel has much higher brand recognition than you do.  Maybe everyone in America knows the name Intel but only computer geeks know about AMD.  Maybe you need to stop being a ridiculous ass and start spending some money on advertising.  Get the word out there.  Associate your name with performance.  When the average Joe Schmoe on the street knows the name “AMD” and knows that AMD produces desktop processors, then Joe Schmoe will start to ask for Dell to produce more AMD systems.

Why was Intel able to not only survive but to prosper with their inferior NetBurst-architecture chips?  It’s because when people bought new computers, and they had a choice between Intel (who had fancy commercials with guys in plastic radiation suits dancing to fun music as well as a catchy slogan:  Intel Inside!) or AMD (who had…no commercials and no catchy slogan), the people would pick Intel every time.  It was a brand they knew about and it was a brand they associated with computers.  They had never heard of AMD.  Even though AMD produced better chips, AMD was a no-name product to the average person.  Is Ruiz stupid enough to think that simple word-of-mouth advertising was going to be sufficient to supplant Intel in the minds of hundreds of millions of people?  Apparently he is.

Now, up until 2006, Intel had been taking hits from AMD in the performance arena, so Intel dropped a bombshell on the community.  They released their Core processors.  No longer hampered by the NetBurst architecture, the Core achitecture blew everything away.  Even the low-end budget Core Solo processors were beating high-end AMD chips.  AMD was stunned.  The mere fact that AMD was caught so off-guard indicates just what a piss-poor job Ruiz is doing.  Hell, even now, 2 years later, AMD still hasn’t produced a chip that competes with mid-range Core 2 Quad processors.  No wonder AMD has been hitting 52-week lows in it’s stock prices.  The company dropped huge in 2006 and dropped again in 2007.  You’d think that after 2 years of sucking, the investors would have had enough and they’d have ousted Ruiz from the CEO position.  I mean, when your stock drops from $40/share to $9/share, it’s time to take some damn action, people!  But no…the board of AMD, in their infinite wisdom, actually gave Ruiz a big pay raise!  Can you say “idiots run this company”?  I think you can.

So, until Ruiz stops bitching and actually steps up to the plate to play some hard ball with Intel, and until his company gets their collective heads out of their collective asses and produces a chip that is at least on par with the Core 2 chips, I refuse to give AMD any of my money (except for those 2 ATi video cards I just bought…damn you nVidia for forcing me to buy ATi products!).  Hector Ruiz needs to be fired.  Action needs to be taken.

If there were any other competitors to Intel, I’d beg for AMD to go bankrupt and for Hector Ruiz to be run out of the industry.  However, AMD is about the only thing standing in the way of Intel becoming a true monopoly.  So as much as I hate them, they need to stick around.  I just want them to get rid of the cry-baby chimpanzee running their company.

Next up on my corporate hate list:  Sony



  1. I completely agree with you…
    I also hate AMD, I hate AMD with my whole soul.

  2. I agree, fully. AMD needs to stop whining, and focus on making better processors. the ati division is doing really well now, whipping almost anything nvidia has been throwing at them. turn Amd over to ati. Guess what amd, intel isnt causing your landslide into oblivion, YOU are. amd cpus are a joke, a old midrange intel quadcore beating a new high end phenom?!!! huh????? something isnt right. I tried a phenom II x4…..yeah it wasnt pretty. I too wish someone else would enter the cpu world. nvidia, IBM, NEC, fujitsu, etc to give both intel, and amd stiff competition. Via….unlikely.

  3. this article is bullshit and needs to be taken off the Internet..you say nobody needs to be given anything to them(maybe not company’s)..danm you sound like a shitty republican..anyways you cant put a company down for just 1 person.. AMD has the best price/performance right now and giving nvidia a run for there money to..but i did’nt know he was such a little girl your right in the fact that amd needs to redo somethings and starting with the owner of it..but there doing alright no they own 51% of the videocard market up from 21% in just 1.5 years thats a miracle in it self..so they can get out of this one.

    also they do need marketing..they have known..

    • I’m not really sure why you’re responding to a two-year old article, especially since Ruiz is no longer at AMD anyway. First of all, the article is not bullshit and it doesn’t need to be taken off the Internet. I have a right to voice my opinion, which is what this piece was about. You also have a right to voice your opinion, which is why I approved your comment. Second, yes I can put an entire company down for just one person. If the investors at AMD weren’t smart enough to remove Ruiz when their stocks plummeted to almost nothing, then that company doesn’t deserve my money. If I had seen any positive action on the part of the investors, I might have reconsidered my position. Third, AMD does not have the better price/performance ratio right now. This is a tired yarn that AMD fanboys always throw out and it’s just not true. As far as high-end processors, yes, Intel chips are still priced beyond AMD chips, but they outperform AMD chips by a great margin. Lower end Intel chips actually match AMD pricing and the Intel chips are amazing overclockers. Fourth, you’re right about the ATi acquisition. It was a good move (I even stated in my article that I bought ATi graphics cards because they were much better than the nVidia cards at the time).

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