LEGO games I’d like to see

June 17, 2008

So I just finished playing LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures on my Xbox 360.  Pretty good game.  I love the whole LEGO style that Traveller’s Tales has incorporated into it’s games.  I really enjoyed both of the Star Wars LEGO games.  And with the upcoming release of LEGO Batman, it looks like my appetite for awesome LEGO games will be satiated.

However, when I finished Indiana Jones, it got me thinking about what other great movie franchises or TV shows or comic books could be made into LEGO games.  Seeing as how everyone on the damn Internet is making top ten lists in their blogs to get on Digg, I came up with a list of some of my favorite choices for future games.

Now, this list is a bit more difficult than you would think.  Movies or TV shows that you may love may not translate well to a LEGO game.  For instance, my favorite TV shows are Northern Exposure and Seinfeld.  I think it would be tough to make a LEGO game “about nothing”.  Also, the source material needs to have a good balance of action, humor, and variety.  The heroes in the movie or TV show need to be destructible, or else the video game player could just run through the game as an indestructible character, which means Superman is not on this list.  So, here it is:  The Top Twenty List Of Movies, TV Shows, Or Comic Books I’d Like To See Made Into A LEGO Game

20.  Lord Of The Rings – This one is number 20 because I really really hated these movies.  I won’t go into why I hated these movies here, since this is about the games.  Now, just because I hated the movies doesn’t mean a LEGO game based on these movies wouldn’t be BADASS!  The movies had action, some humor, and could easily be broken down into individual video game missions.  You start off trying to escape from the black riders, use your ring to go invisible, etc.  You’ve got characters of all sizes, just like in the other LEGO games, so you could have places where only hobbits or Golum could get in.  Hate the movies, but a LEGO game would definitely make me open my wallet.

19.  Pirates Of The Caribbean – I have mixed feelings on this one.  I loved the first movie, but the second two movies were complete trash.  Again, though, as with the Lord Of The Rings, I think a game based on PotC would be pretty damn kickass.  Those movies definitely had goofy action and some good humor.  It’s a trilogy, which means plenty of source material for a whole LEGO game.  Again, this would open my wallet.

18.  The Matrix trilogy – This one was obvious, wasn’t it?  Come on.  Great action, some humor, huge variety of characters.  And what could be better than seeing LEGO bullets flying in “bullet time”?  Now, the TT Games people would have to limit Neo’s powers a bit so as to not violate one of my rules about indestructible characters.  Plus, I think they’d have to alter the ending a bit, seeing as how the trilogy ending is rather depressing…

17.  X-Men – Not so much the movies as the comic book series.  Again, this one is pretty obvious.  Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, etc.  That would be some great gameplay.  Although I think this one would be tough to pull off and not draw comparisons to every other X-Men game on the market.


16.  24 – Yes, yes, and yes.  Jack Bauer running around, killing hordes of bad guys, faking his own death, dying for real, telling his daughter to kill a man, interrogating suspects by beating the ever-loving crap out of them…  On second thought, this might be rated M for Mature.  It’d still be AWESOME for adults like me to play.

15.  Band Of Brothers – Yeah, I know WWII has been covered by EVERY game developer at one point in time, but this was a great TV series.  It’d be cool to start out with LEGO boot camp at Camp Toccoa running up Currahee in a time challenge, parachuting behind enemy lines to launch D-Day, kill Nazis (obviously), etc.  The hardest part with this would be making it humorous, as the other LEGO games have been so far.  I mean, it wasn’t that funny when Guarnere and Toye got hit in Bastogne.  Seeing as how this TV series was based on real life heroes, would it dishonor their memory to have a LEGO game made of their accomplishments, or would they get a kick out of it?

14.  The Bourne Identity movies – This is another great candidate for a LEGO game.  Jason Bourne, suffering headaches and flashbacks, chasing down the men behind Treadstone, who brainwashed him and made him a killer.  Although this LEGO game would be very similar to the 24 game, I think you’d have an easier time making parts of the game humorous, as there were quite a few humorous moments in the movies.

13.  Futurama – I left out the Simpsons simply because they have so many other video games behind them.  But there should be a high quality LEGO Futurama game.  Now, because the typical LEGO game doesn’t allow the characters to talk in anything more than mumbles, a game based on a TV show that features great dialogue might seem tough.  Normally I’d agree, but I think the TT Games guys could get by with the mumbles if they stick to some of the bigger, more iconic Futurama scenes that fans of the TV show would recognize.  Plus, there’s plenty of physical humor on this show as well, which would really translate to a video game genre.

LEGO Leela

12.  Justice League – I know, I know.  I said no Superman games.  But bear with me…  How freaking cool would it be to play as The Flash, or Green Lantern, or Wonder Woman?  And Superman’s powers could be limited, i.e., he could have his laser vision just like other characters in previous LEGO games had guns.  He could only fly for a few seconds to move across large expanses.  He could lift heavier objects that other characters couldn’t.  I think you could make it okay.  But you’d need the variety of other characters to make the game more interesting.

11.  Alien and Predator movies – I’m not talking about just AvP.  I would love to see a LEGO game that starts out in the Alien universe, following the story of Ripley and the Nostromo, and then Ripley on LV-426 with the colonial Marines.  Then you could have another story start about the Predator, where you play as Dutch or Mac or Dillon or Billy or whoever.  Then the two storylines would blend into AvP near the end of the game, where you can play as an Alien, a Predator, or a human fighting both of them.  Tell me that wouldn’t be AWESOME!!  You can’t tell me that, because it would be AWESOME!!

10.  A-Team – Now we break into the top 10, and what better TV show to start us off than the A-Team?  What a great concept for a LEGO game!  Now, by putting the A-Team here, I’m basically opening to door to ANY great, cheesy 80s action show (Airwolf, Knight Rider, Riptide, Dukes Of Hazzard), but I think the A-Team has the best chances.  It’s a team of do-gooders (Mr. T with a LEGO mohawk?  I need to break out my dictionary to make sure I’m spelling AWESOME correctly…) that has action, comedy, etc.  You could have Murdoch as a pilot, Mr. T who is afraid of heights, Face who can sweet talk anyone into helping him, and Hannibal who just goes out and beats the ever-loving crap out of everyone.  I just checked and I am spelling it correctly:  AWESOME!

9.  All James Bond movies – Another great candidate for a LEGO game.  There’s so much source material there!  You could start off as the newest Bond, Daniel Craig and eventually unlock better and better Bonds, eventually getting Sean Connery’s Bond!  As a joke, you could even unlock Woody Allen’s Bond and David Niven’s Bond from the original Casino Royale spoof!  This movie series is packed with cool gadgets you could unlock and buy, great villains, vehicles, plenty of supporting cast, etc.  Excellent choice for a LEGO game or maybe even a couple of games.  You could have a Sean Connery LEGO game that focuses purely on the Connery Bond movies.  A Roger Moore LEGO game, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig game.  The possibilities with this one are staggering.

8.  Quantum Leap – Oh boy!  If ever a TV show format screamed for a video game, it’s Quantum Leap!  Each episode could be a mission.  You could make up new missions as well.  You have to solve each mission’s tasks in order to “leap” into the next mission.  Any time you needed a hint or something, you could bring Al in to guide you a bit.  You could unlock Gushie, young Al, even the chimp that Sam leaped into in one episode.  This is just begging for a LEGO game!  TT Games, are you listening?

7.  Magnum, P.I. – I would love to see a little LEGO Tom Selleck running around in a little LEGO Hawaiian shirt and early 80s pornstache.  This is another great TV show that would be a great premise for a LEGO game.  Why doesn’t it fall under the A-Team entry, since I lumped most 80s cheesy action shows into that one entry, you ask?  Well, because Magnum was never in that category.  It was fast paced, character driven action/drama at it’s best.  Some episodes would be complete goofs (the search for the “Lost Art” episode?) and other episodes would be deadly serious and emotional (remember Magnum on his death bed, with his spirit going around saying good-bye to all of his friends?).  You’ve got characters of all sizes, with tall Magnum and T.C., and smaller Rick and Higgins.  You could unlock different Magnums, including his Indiana Jones outfit from the “Lost Art” episode!

6.  Star Trek – Again, this is an obvious choice.  They’ve already made the Star Wars games.  You’ve got so much more source material for some Star Trek games.  First of all, you’ve got the original series (TOS, to the Trekkers out there), the “Next Generation” (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), Voyager, and Enterprise.  Plus, you have several movies.  In fact, I think the hardest part with a Star Trek game would be deciding what to leave in and what to cut out!  Although I guess you could release several games, just like the Star Wars games.  Have one game devoted to TOS, one to TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and one to the movies (let’s face it…no one cared about Enterprise and if it didn’t have a large breasted Vulcan on board, it wouldn’t have gotten past it’s pilot episode…).  I want to travel back in LEGO time to save some LEGO whales!

LEGO Star Trek

5.  Marvel movies – I mildly enjoyed the first and second Spider-man movies, but the third one was ridiculous (emo Peter Parker is evil?  Emo = evil?  Okay, maybe it’s not so ridiculous after all…).  Iron Man rocked.  Hulk sucked (both of them).  The X-Men movies were good (yes, even the third one, all of you Brian Singer-ass kissers).  How could TT Games not capitalize on the success of Iron Man with a LEGO game?  Hell, TT Games could release individual games for each character, and then release a LEGO Avengers game when that movie hits theaters!

4.  Harry Potter movies -Okay, I admit it.  I like these movies (except the 3rd one…anyone who says the 3rd one was the best has never read the books…).  And if you want a series that is rich with material for a family-friendly video game, you can’t beat the Harry Potter series.  Hell, this could actually be the first Harry Potter game that is worth buying!  You could unlock various things like Harry’s wand, Hedgewig the owl, the Nimbus 2000s or the newer Firebolt!  The possibilities in a rich, make-believe world like Harry Potter are endless.

3.  Stargate – I’ll admit that there are other movies and TV shows that I would like to see made into a LEGO game more than Stargate, but this one is a guilty pleasure.  I love the whole Stargate/Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis universe.  I would really love to see a LEGO game about this.  And think of the possibilities!  The developers would have a free hand in developing the missions because each step through the Stargate takes the team to a different world with different challenges.  The overall mission could be to defeat the Go’auld or the Ori.  You could unlock dark characters like Ba’al or Adria, unlock weapons like the Jaffa staff weapon or the Zat, unlock vehicles like MALPs or X302s or whatever.  Please please please make this game, TT!

2.  Die Hard – We’re almost to number 1.  But we can’t have a list of kick-ass movies-to-video-games without mentioning the king of the action hill, Die Hard.  Don’t lie to me.  You’ve seen Die Hard 100 times, you can quote it word for word, but you still stop and watch the last 20 minutes when you come across it on TBS.  You can’t wait to hear John McClane say “Happy trails, Hans.”  With 4 movies in the Die Hard franchise, there’s plenty of material to draw on.  Unlock Holly Gennaro (I’m sorry…Holly MCCLANE!), Hans, Zeus (“Do I look Puerto Rican to you?”), or Sgt. Al Powell.  Unlock the pistol, the machine gun, the taser, the Zippo lighter to blow up an airplane, etc.  There’s alot of action in these movies, and you can make it more family friendly just by making it a LEGO game.  Instead of some bad guy getting stabbed in the eye with an icicle, he’d just break apart into LEGO pieces!  And no, I don’t think a LEGO game would diminish the bad-assery of Die Hard.

1.  Back To The Future – And here we are.  The number one spot.  The most controversial spot on any “Top Whatever” list.  This is the one where everyone comments saying “I can’t believe you put THAT as number 1!  You’re stupid!”  But whatever.  Get your own top 20 list, punks, and step OFF!  I said, STEP OFF!  Now that you’re done stepping off (I honestly have no idea what that even means…step off what?  Is someone threatening me while standing on a cinder block, or something?), we can get down to business.  Yes, Back To The Future gets my vote as the number 1 game that I think would be a great GREAT LEGO game.  Think about it.  Each movie was set in a different time.  You could have the first 3rd of the game set in the 1950s, the second 3rd of the game set in the future, and the last third set in the Old West.  Marty has 20 different outfits to unlock (80s teenager, black leather jacket, 50s “Enchantment Under The Sea” outfit, future Nikes, Clint Eastwood outfit, etc…the list could go on and on).  Doc has his own outfits (white lab coat, nuclear radiation suit, Old West blacksmith).  You can unlock the hoverboard to help you get across things you can’t jump across.  You can unlock the Mr. Fusion so you don’t need plutonium anymore.  Unlock Biff from the past, present, and future, as well as his progenitor, Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen (he was the first Tannen to instill a hatred of manure in his family line…).  You’ve got fast cars, Libyan terrorists, missions, set backs, crazy high school principles, bullies, guns, etc.  Among all the choices on this list, I believe that this series would translate the best to the LEGO game format.

I left a few things out of this list because if I didn’t limit myself to 20 items, the list would never end…  For instance, I left out the Terminator movies and the X-Files TV show.  I know that there are other movies out there that would be ripe for a LEGO game, but I only have so much space and time.

*Note:  All pictures used without permissions…sorry.
LEGO X-Men picture courtesy of Dunechaser’s Flickr page
LEGO Leela picture courtesy of Pepa Quin, from his excellent fan-made Futurama set
LEGO Star Trek video game graphic courtesy of ChessMess, in a forum post at startrek-games.com
LEGO DeLorean courtesy of flicker404 (check out his BrickShelf gallery)


  1. they are making a Lego harry pottter (1-4)

  2. Hey, I totally agree. I for one, am a giant fan of all the Lego gmaes, and I would buy these! (Especially the Alien/Predator, Star Trek, and Die Hard games.) But, I also agree Back to the Future would make a great game too (as long as we can play the Delorean) So how’bou it TT? Will you humor the fans?
    -P.S. What about Terminator?

  3. i want a lego d-day gam so bad

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