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Indiana Jones And The Search For More Money

May 27, 2008


Would a judge send me to prison for killing George Lucas?  I would like to see if it’s possible to get away with that murder.

Judge:  “How does the defendant plead?”

My attorney:  “We plead ‘not guilty’, your honor.”

Judge:  “Present your opening argument, counselor.”

My attorney:  “Thank you, your honor.  Members of the jury, my client killed George Lucas.  I admit that.  But in his defense, I would like you all to watch Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.  The defense rests.”

Judge:  “Excellent argument, counselor.  Case dismissed.”

That’s how I imagine the whole thing would play out.  Once the jury saw the insanity of crystal alien skeletons with psychic powers, flying saucers, bowl-cut Commie bad guys, greaser punks fencing on the back of speeding vehicles, jungle vine swinging with hundreds of CGI monkeys in tow, etc., I’m guessing that not only would I be acquitted of all charges, but I’d be given the damn key to the city.

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iGuidance 4 mini-review

May 18, 2008

I’ve been on a new GPS-on-my-cell-phone kick for about a week now.  I’ve been downloading trials of software and trying out some solutions my friends seem to like on their phones as well.  Just recently, I got to play around with the new iNav’s iGuidance 4 (iNav Home Page).  Long story short, I’m not terribly impressed.

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Windows Mobile GPS – iGO 2006

May 16, 2008

I just recently installed iGO 2006 on my Sprint Mogul.  I’ve never thought seriously about a full-featured GPS system installed on my phone.  I have a GPS system installed in my car, and I’ve used a small Magellan RoadMate in my girlfriend’s SUV.  I know that alot of these systems use Windows CE as their base, but it still never sank in that I might be able to run something as good on my cell phone which has a pretty piddly amount of RAM (64MB).  Even with no apps loaded, Windows Mobile itself eats up about 24MB of that RAM just to run.  Which leaves me running a full-featured GPS app in ~40MB.

With all that said…DAMN!  iGO 2006 is AWESOME!  In fact, I would say it’s better than my $2000+ factory-installed Alpine GPS system and much much better than the Magellan RoadMate my girlfriend has.  It loads incredibly fast, locks on to satellites quickly, and creates routes faster than I can blink.  I figured the app would run for me, but I assumed it would be damn slow given the low memory.  But this is the fastest GPS system I’ve ever used.

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Iron Man – a whole lot of “not bad”

May 5, 2008

There are spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t seen the movie and you care about spoilers, don’t read any further.

I just saw Iron Man in theaters on Friday.  Long story short:  It’s the best Marvel Comics superhero movie made to date.  Unfortunately, that’s not saying much as pretty much every Marvel superhero movie made to date has been pretty bland, with the possible exception of The Punisher.

First off, the good points of the movie:  gadgets, CGI, and Robert Downey, Jr.  There are gadgets, and lots of ’em.  Any self-respecting gadget freak/computer nerd will want to make sweet, sweet love to the screen when they see Tony Stark building all of his super toys.  I have to admit, the gadgets and their testing were done perfectly in the movie.  The special effects were transparent and you could really believe that Tony Stark was testing out a real set of flight boots and his palm weapons/flight stabilizers.  This leads to the CGI.  The special effects were top-notch in this film.  I am glad Jon Favreau didn’t rely too heavily on CGI, which is the downfall of many possibly-great movies.  The CGI was used exactly how it’s supposed to be used:  as a tool to enhance the physical special effects, i.e., the suit was a real suit, but the CGI allowed the audience to see the suit in flights and in fights.

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