New Sprint Mogul ROM

March 12, 2008

So, I have had a Sprint Mogul for several months now. Up until yesterday, it’s been a mediocre phone. But finally, Sprint released the much anticipated EVDO Rev.A update, which means much faster web surfing! I’m finally happy with this device. Another cool feature that was enabled is GPS. Using Google Maps, I can get street level directions anywhere at anytime.

I just finished getting my apps reinstalled on it after flashing to the new firmware and the thing is running great. Hopefully I’ll get a few more days with the ROM and I’ll know if it truly is the savior ROM I’ve been waiting for. I know the one thing I have yet to test on it is the bluetooth functionality. I have a Jabra BT500 headset and it has never been able to connect correctly with this phone. It would work perfectly on my old XV6700, and it seems to connect to the Mogul, but it doesn’t work for phone calls. No audio.

I’ll have fun messing with this firmware update.


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